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22  June 2015, monday

8.00 Registration open
8.45 Welcome Address from Authorities
9.30 Invited Key-note: John K. Schueller (Dep.Agric.Biol.Engin., Univ. Florida, USA): Precision Agriculture Technologies for Agronomic and Horticultural Crops
10.00 Invited Key-note: Luis Santos Pereira (Prof. Emeritus, Univ. Lisboa, Portugal): Water productivity vs. water footprint
10.30 Invited Key-note: Emanuela Colombo (Politechnic of Milan, Italy): Access to energy and sustainable development in the post 2015 agenda
11.00 Coffe–break
11.30 Session 1: Innovative Systems, Structures and Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry  (8 presentations)
G. Molari, M. Mattetti Definition of durability targets for agricultural machines
S. Pindozzi, S. Faugno, .B. De Gennaro, A. Pantaleo Techno-economic assessment of sustainable local biomass supply chains for greenhouses heating: case study in Province of Napoli
S.Grimaldi, A.Petroselli, R.Rapiti, G.Cipollari,.P.V.Ciorba Rainfall observations using a rain gauge of 100 m2
D. Pessina, A. Calcante,  D. Facchinetti,  D. Giordano,  D. Monarca, M. Cecchini Impact evaluation on the operator of some hand-operated small machines
R.V.Loisi, I.Blanco, G.Scarascia Mugnozza, G. Vox A geo-referenced tool for plastic waste mapping in agriculture
P. Balsari, D. Cuk, E. Dinuccio, F. Gioelli, L. Rollè Reduction of animal slurry gaseous emissions through its acidification with sulfur
A.Leone, R.Romaniello, A.Tamborrino Microwave equipment to conditioning the olive paste instead of the malaxer machine: prospective of industrial application in olive oil extraction plant
D. Monarca, M. Cecchini, A. Colantoni, R. Bedini, S. Di Giacinto, W. Bessone Shell fruits harvesting in sloped areas: design of a prototype harvester
13.30 Lunch –break & Poster session
15.00 Session 1: continuation – (7 presentations)
G. Ristorto, S. Waid, F. Mazzetto, M. Riedl, F. Quagliotti, G. Guglieri Management Analysis for the use of Multicopter Unmanned Aerial Systems in Precision Agriculture
E.Maino, S.Benni, D.Torreggiani, A.Barbaresi, P. Tassinari Analytical study of rural building physiognomic characters
G. Manetto, E. Cerruto Hand-arm vibration from portable harvesters
D. Vanella, J. Boaga, M. T. Perri, S. Consoli, G. Cassiani Modelling orange tree root water uptake active area by minimally invasive ERT data and transpiration measurements
D. Sarri, R. Lisci, G. Pulignani, M. Rimediotti, M.Vieri Developing and evaluating a telemetry system to monitor pesticides practices 
A. De Montis, A. Ledda, A. Ganciu, S. Caschili, M. Barra, S. De Montis Rural landscapes in Sardinia: the built landscape dimension
S.Consoli, M.Minacapilli, D.Vanella, G.Ciraolo, A.Motisi Regional evapotranspiration estimates through a triangle method approach integrating MODIS and MSG-SEVIRI products: application over two Mediterranean sites
17.00 Coffe–break & Poster session
17.30 Assembly of Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering

23  June 2015, tuesday

9.15 Session 2: The Land, Water & Energy Nexus (6 presentations)
M.Chiappini, M.E. Menconi D.Grohmann, P.Borghi Passive energy optimization of  traditional rural buildings in central Italy
E. Tarantino, A. Pollice, A. Libutti, P. Vergine, C. Salerno, G. Gatta, G. Disciglio, A. Gagliardi, L. Beneduce, G. Berardi Treated agro-industrial wastewater for irrigation of herbaceous crops in succession
E. Cervelli Elena, S .Pindozzi, A. Capolupo, M. Rigillo, L.Boccia Ecosystem service in the context of bioremediation scenarios
R. Civelli, V. Giovenzana, R. Beghi, S.G. Parisi, L. Brancadoro, R. Guidetti Rapid and non-destructive water stress evaluation of grapevine leaves by vis/NIR and NIR spectroscopy: a preliminary study
S. Grigolato G. Cosola, S. Monterotti, P. Ackerman, R. Cavalli, A review over the carbon footprint of forest operations
M. Rienzner, A. Facchi, S. Cesari de Maria, E.A. Chiaradia, C. Gandolfi Estimating the effects of a conversion from flooded to aerobic rice at the district scale
11.00 Coffe –break
11.30 Session 3: Information and Communication Technologies: management, modelling and monitoring   (8 presentations)
L. Comba, P. Gay, S. Guidoni, J. Primicerio, D. Ricauda Aimonino Integration of UAVs and ground systems for precision viticulture
A.Barbaresi, D.Torreggiani, S.Benni, P. Tassinari Effective predictions of the airflows involving barrels in a wine-aging room
G. Speranza, B. Sica, P. Nasta, M. Palladino, N. Romano Analyzing the impact of land abandonment and landuse changes on the simulated water and sediment budgets in Upper Alento River Basin.
M.L. Amodio, Derossi A., Mastrandrea L., Colelli G. Application of multivariate accelerated test for the estimation of shelf life of fresh-cut ‘Cantalupe’ melons
G. Todde, L. Murgia, M. Caria, A. Pazzona Dairy Energy Prediction (DEP) model: a tool for predicting energy use and related emissions and costs in dairy farms
M.Vallone, G.Aiello, I.Giovino, P.Catania Critical points assessment in greenhouse microclimate with the iButton loggers
R. Gallo, F. Mazzetto A new approach for the assessment of timber weight during cable yarding: some preliminary results.
S. Waid, M.Riedl, G.Ristorto, G.Guglieri, F.Mazzetto Sensing technologies for unmanned area vehicle (UAV) based data acquisition
13.30 Lunch–break
15.00 Session 4: Transfer of Knowledge and Cooperation in Developing Countries   (5 presentations)
L. Conti, L. Leso, M. Monti, W. Morshed, G. Rossi, S. Simonini Livestock farming solutions for a sustainable development of marshlands areas of South Iraq
G. Castelli, E. Bresci Participatory Rural Appraisal for Diagnostic Analysis of Spate Irrigation Systems
D. Lovarelli, J. Bacenetti, J. B. Tholley, M. Fiala Comparison between two rice cultivation practices in Sierra Leone
F. Sarghini, G.Okiror, M. Nyeko, L. Cinquanta Numerical design and optimization of a portable dryer design for cereals
A. Tamborrino, A. Leone, S. Jarrar Transferring innovation in the olive oil equipment in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: the experience of researchers in this sector in the context of international cooperation
16.30 Conference Conclusions & Best posters award
17.00 Side-event: Workshop (in Italian): La programmazione nel PSR 2014-2020 ed il ruolo dell’Innovazione tecnologica in agricoltura.


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